HIROSHI SAITO [Senior Advisor]

  • Mar. 1966Graduated from The University of Tokyo
    Faculty of Economics
  • Apr. 1966Joined The Industrial Bank of Japan, Limited.
  • Jun. 1994General Manager, Corporate Banking Department No.6
    The Industrial Bank of Japan, Limited
  • Feb. 1997Managing Director
    The Industrial Bank of Japan, Limited
  • Spt. 2000Managing Executive Officer, Head of Corporate and Financial Institutions Banking Business Unit
    Mizuho Holdings, Inc. (present Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.)
  • Apr. 2002President & CEO
    Mizuho Corporate Bank
  • Apr. 2009Chairman
    Mizuho Corporate Bank
  • Jun. 2010Senior Advisor
    Mizuho Financial Group
  • Jul. 2011Honorary Advisor
    Mizuho Financial Group


  • Mar. 1974Graduated from Konan University, School of Law Apr. 1974 Joined Mitsubishi Corporation, Food Division
  • Jan. 1977Transferred to Steel Division of Mitsubishi Corp.
  • Sep. 1987Steel Division Manager of Mitsubishi Company Thailand
  • Dec. 2000MC Steel Trade Center ASIA President & CEO (Singapore)
  • Oct. 2002Manager of International Business Division of Mitsubishi Corp.
  • Jan. 2003Manager of International Business Division of Metal One Corp.
  • Apr. 2006Division Manager of International Business Division
  • Apr. 2008Managing Executive Officer
  • Mar. 2011Senior Executive Vice President
  • Mar. 2014Retired from Senior Executive Vice President


  • Graduate from Nagoya University. School of Law
  • 1960Joined Metropolitan Police Department
  • 1977Cabinet Secretariat, Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office
  • 1983National Police Agency, Manager of Defense Department
  • 1985Head of Regional Police Department, Kumamoto
  • 1988Superintendent Supervisor
  • 1989Retired from National Police Agency
  • President of TOYOTA Nagoya Education Center (Retired)
  • The Recipient of the Orders of the Sacred Treasure

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